Welcome to Missio Dei Learning Community

Coined in 1934, Missio Dei is a Latin term which is translated as “Mission of God.” God is a missionary God and his church participates in his mission: i.e., the renewal of his creation. The Creator God sent Israel and then Jesus into the world. Jesus sends the Holy Spirit. And the Trinity sends the Church. The church exists because there is a mission. The Triune God is the center of the mission, the church is the agent. In an ever changing culture, God is going before us and preparing our way for his mission. Missio Dei Learning Community is focused on helping its students comprehend the Missio Dei within the Grand Narrative of Scripture so they can more effectively work as the agents of God for the recreation of his creation.

Missio Dei Learning CommunityThe course as a whole is delivered in two phases: First, online, using a Course Management System called Moodle. If you can write in Word and send emails, you can use Moodle with ease. You will need web access for these courses. Second, face-to-face connectivity. During the course there will be a connect meeting via VRoom or Dimdim (see below). Times are different for each course. This segment of the course will allow you to meet and share with your online coursemates and dialog with your professor.